Upcoming Worship Events:

July 21
9:30am    Lord's Day Worship 

July 28
9:30am    Lord's Day Worship

August 4th
9:30am    Lord's Day Worship with Communion

August 11th
9:30am    Lord's Day Worship with Robert Brooks preaching

Wednesday Events: (Sept. -- May)
Ladies' Covenant Group     11-12:00pm  (every 3rd Wednesday of the month)
Presbyterian Women         1:30-3:00pm (every 2nd Wednesday of the month)
Praise Team                     5:10-6:00pm (weekly)
LOGOS Youth Club            6:00-7:45pm (weekly)
Adult Choir                       6:30-7:45pm (weekly)

Thursday Events: (Sept. -- May)
Bible Study                       9:30am (weekly)